------ HOMETOWN : Waterloo, NY
------ BIRTHDATE : January 7, 1961
------ HEIGHT : 6'0"
------ WEIGHT : 180 lbs
------ WIFE : Stacy
------ CHILDREN : Billy, Tommy, Joey

------ CREW :
------ Don Paine
------ Barney Barnhardt
------ Dave Brown
------ Paul Cottrell
------ Craig Gardner
------ Jeff Rader
------ Norm Ridley

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Every sport has it's quiet heroes, incredibly talented athletes whose egos don't overshadow their talent; who earn respect, not demand it; who gain the adoration of fans and the trust of fellow competitors without even trying.
NASCAR had Bill Elliott, Baseball had Sammy Sosa, and dirt track Modified racing has Steve Paine.

If there's a stereotype concerning race car drivers, Paine is the antithesis. He doesn't swagger, he doesn't boast and for those very reasons he'll probably never be recognized for the talent he possesses.

Paine, who lives in Waterloo, NY, is the Sammy Sosa of the Drivers Independent Race Tracks circuit. No matter what he accomplishes, someone else is always doing something better.

Steve Paine has nothing left to prove to anyone. He progressed from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of DIRT racing, and what's even tougher, he's stayed there, without the help of a car owner with deep pockets or a major sponsor.

Everything that Steve Paine has accomplished has come through hard work and dedication. It's no wonder that the quiet man is one of the most respected drivers on DIRT.

- Tom Boggie (Trackside Magazine, November 2001 Issue)


" Steve Paine is a sensational driver, you could put him in a wheelbarrow with 4 tires and he could make it go fast. "
(Shane Andrews - Trackwide Thunder)

" If there's a stereotype concerning race car drivers, Paine is the antithesis. In fact it seems like nothing bothers him. He just goes about his business, wins races, wins point championships, and with the respect of everyone around him. "
(Tom Boggie - TrackSide Magazine)

" It should also be pointed out that Paine's success just isn't the net result of a good race car. Steve Paine is also one of the smoothest drivers ever to sit behind the wheel of dirt track modified. "
(Tom Boggie - TrackSide Magazine)

" He's so good here(Canandaigua), he's smooth...he's fast. Some nights you think you're going real good...then here comes Steve Paine. "
(Chuck Bower)